What We Do

At the Klorfine Foundation, we support organizations that are working hard to make the world a better place.

Our “Venture Philanthropy” Approach

We apply what we consider a “venture philanthropy” approach when deciding how to distribute our support.
Our approach is defined by our:

Focus on Results

We want to make sure our grants are helping our grantees achieve measurable results. We rely heavily on data to ensure we’re supporting organizations that are successfully fulfilling their mission.

Willingness to take chances

We know many great organizations need a bit of help to get established.  We love working with younger organizations that are just starting to create significant change in their community.

Cultivation of long-term relationships

We establish long-term relationships with grantees to help them serve their mission.  We understand the issues nonprofits face can change, and we often adjust our giving to match these shifting needs.

Emphasis on building capacity

We don’t want our grantees to become dependent on our annual giving.  We push our grantees to use their funds to build capacity and find alternative, sustainable ways to fund their work.

4 Main Areas of Giving : Total Assets $50.1Million

In 2019 we will give out $3.0 Million  to nonprofits improving their communities in a variety of ways.
When it comes to our grants, we generally support organizations working in the following four areas:

The Environment

The environment surrounds us.  We’re all a part of it.  We believe we all have a responsibility to make it better, clean it up and keep if from being abused and polluted.  We support nonprofits involved in preserving the environment in a variety of capacities, including organizations with missions aimed at:

  • Preserving natural resources, land and animals
  • Controlling pollution, specifically with a focus on water and air
  • Ensuring environmental laws are followed and litigating to protect future degradation

We’re always on the lookout for new organizations that are forward thinking when it comes to ways we can protect the environment and improve the world we live in.

Arts & Culture

For many years we’ve loved collecting a wide range of art.  We feel as collectors we have an obligation to help cultivate the development of art into the future.

We look for art centers that are both promoting the art and culture of today as well as those developing the artists of tomorrow.  Our personal love of the arts fuels our belief that we must support the people and organizations that are bringing it to the community.

Medical Research

Finding cures to the illnesses and diseases that face humanity impacts everyone.  We believe in supporting organizations dedicated to finding these cures.

Health-related issues touch us all in some way.  Even if you’re able to avoid serious illness, your friends or loved ones may not be so fortunate.

By investing in medical research, we feel we’re not only advancing present healthcare, but also working to help future generations live better, healthier lives.


Our passion for supporting education started with Len, our founder, and his work as a schoolteacher.  We primarily support educational initiatives that correspond with our other areas of interest: the environment, arts and culture, and medical research.

By promoting education in these areas we aim to help develop young men and women that will become leaders within these areas in the future.



Here is a sample of some of the organizations we’ve worked with in the past:

Cultural Affairs Council of Palm Beach County

American Red Cross

Atlantic Theater Company

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research

Bellevue Arts Museum

Benaroya Research Institute                           

Cascadia Wildlands Project



Kravis Center for Performing Arts

IslandWood Environmental Learning Center

Museum of Glass

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pratt Fine Arts Center

Palm Beach Symphony

Planned Parenthood

Scripps Research Institute

Seattle Art Museum

Tacoma Community House

University of Washington Eye Institute

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodmere Art Museum

South Florida Public Broadcasting System