Who We Are

We started the Klorfine Foundation in 1993 to help nonprofit organizations that need a hand in fulfilling their missions.  We know there are many organizations out there working incredibly hard to serve the community and benefit others in a variety of ways.  It’s our goal to help them to do so.

We’re a family foundation and work to support causes we’re passionate about.  We tend to support smaller nonprofit organizations that are doing great work but need some financial support to fully achieve their goals.

The Klorfine Family

Leonard and Norma Klorfine started the Klorfine Foundation to help nonprofits create an impact in the communities they serve.  Their children, Stuart Klorfine and Melissa K. Ewing, are also involved in the foundation.

The Klorfine Foundation is funded by Leonard Klorfine and doesn’t solicit outside funding, but if you’re interested in pursuing a joint venture with us please let us know.